Information and Park entrance prices.

Tickets purchased online will not be valid until one hour after purchase.


General Ticket € 12.00
Children (2-12 years) € 9.50
Seniors + 65 € 9.50
Disabled € 8.50
2 Years and under € 0.00

** VAT included **

Mon-Sun 10:00 to 20:30

For large groups and school trips, please contact us at:


Touching the butterflies and other animals in the park is not allowed
It is not allowed to enter the garden with food or drink
You must always travel along the roads respecting the plants
It is not allowed to feed the animals
It is not possible to enter the park once you leave it
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Pay attention to the ground, there may be unevenness and curbs.
No photography or filming may be taken for commercial purposes without prior authorization