Every fall, a magical event takes place—the annual monarch migration to Mexico. Perhaps traveling over your own head right now—or clustered by the hundreds in a nearby tree—monarchs are on the move. By instinct alone, they migrate to the mountains in Mexico where they've never been before. These incredible creatures...


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Butterflies and Climate Change

The planet is changing. The seasons are changing every year; spring comes earlier and the summer is getting warmer and winter is unpredictable. As for autumn, in some regions it has become non-existent. In the Mediterranean with warmer climate the butterflies are developing earlier in the year making their flight...

The International Conference IABES 2015

The International Conference IABES 2015 (International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers) takes place every two years. This biannual conference took place in Marinduque an island province of the Philippines from the 2nd to the 9th of November. The host to this year’s conference was Elisabeth Heitzman, owner of Flora...

(ES) Procesionaria del pino

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