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Just so everyone knows that we are open everyday, all through this holiday season. That means Christmas day and New Years Day and Kings Day!!

Come and feel the experience of more than 1,500 butterflies from all over the world flying free around you in a tropical environment. The Butterfly Park Benalmádena is over 2,000 m2, the largest climate controlled space dedicated to butterflies, in Europe. The building was built in the butterfly thailand style which added difficulty to the inherent complexity of the project.

To give the building authenticity, many building materials and decorative elements were brought directly from Thailand. The blue tiles covering the pagoda entrance hall were made in that color, expressly in Chiang Mai for the butterfly, and is the original tile that is traditionally used in the temples of Thailand.

Baby boom of the Giants at the Butterfly Park!

Up to 30 births of Attacus atlas, the world's largest butterfly, have been are born at the Butterfly Park. This is unusual in that this butterfly only lives for 3-6 days and spends 8-9 months in the cocoon.  

Take this opportunity to see them!
We still have many that are unborn!  

These days, we also have an other species of moths known as the Argema mimosae, Moon Butterfly of Madagascar: Samia ricini, the Indian silk butterfly.


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Wally is a wallaby,(Macropus eugenii) and is the world's smallest kangaroo.

Diamante de Gould (Erythrura gouldiae).