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Come and feel the experience of more than 1,500 butterflies from all over the world flying free around you in a tropical environment. The Butterfly Park Benalmádena is over 2,000 m2, the largest climate controlled space dedicated to butterflies, in Europe. The building was built in the butterfly thailand style which added difficulty to the inherent complexity of the project. To give the building authenticity, many building materials and decorative elements were brought directly from Thailand. The blue tiles covering the pagoda entrance hall were made in that color, expressly in Chiang Mai for the butterfly, and is the original tile that is traditionally used in the temples of Thailand.


Spring Is Here! And a New Friend

Spring is here, and it has brought a new friend to the Butterfly Park, It’s Felipe, a male of Meller's Chameleon (Chamaeleo trioceros melleri), originally from Tanzania and one of the largest species in the world.
Did you know that the chameleon is one of the most important predators of the butterflies? So Felipe is living in his terrarium, so our butterflies are safe from his very long tongue.


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